Lush Living!


My name is Martie Pineda Lush Living Expert and I am passionate about helping people live their absolute most fabulous and lush life!


I help people move past all the old baggage and to rediscover and re-invent themselves and unleash their most Fabulous and Lush life ever! All while learning to look and feel their most vibrant and sexy self!


Having survived many difficult, personal life challenges, I have first hand experience on how to not just survive-but THRIVE through the endless hurdles that life can throw at us on a regular basis as we journey through life.


I authored the book, It's The Little Things: 99 Ways To Create Joy, Health & Happiness!  that shares many of my secrets on how to appreciate and create a life that is fulfilling and joyful by creating awareness, appreciation and mindfulness into daily activities to enhance the life journey experience.


I am formally trained in interior design, and founded an interior design consulting firm managing mostly residential projects. 


I love all things beautiful and making spaces fabulously functional and beautifully livable, as I believe our home is our sanctuary. 


A natural coach, I now combine my creative and intuitive abilities to help people re-discover themselves and teach them to trust their innate knowingness. With the skills I acquired from my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I help people to embrace their personal strengths, power and confidence to find their answers within.


I created the "Unleash Your Most Fabulous & Lush Life NOW" program, to help people get all the juiciness out of their lives starting NOW!   My programs help people live a life they love by design so they can wake up every day looking forward to the gifts that life has to offer them!


My husband and I recently left behind the material comforts of a big home and years of accumulated possessions to travel the world with only a few suitcases. We spent 1 month crossing the United States, 6 months in Vietnam and we are currently exploring Thailand, and are ready for where ever the next adventure will take us. 


Part of the adventure for me is empowering people to create a life they love free from life pain!  And that equals a life I absolutely love and adore!

Who knew that by living an extraordinary life, I could pay it forward by helping others so they can also unleash their most fabulous and Lush life that they also will love and adore!