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My name is Martie Pineda,  


I am a master at helping you let go of what no longer serves you so you can re-invent youself and rediscover your most Fabulous Lush Life ever!


I will also show you how to take your freedom and power back!


I will also teach you fabulous lifestyle hacks on how to look and feel your most vibrant and sexy self!


Are you ready to start Lush living? 


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The 3 F's:                Food                      Fitness            Fabulosity 

The 3 R's:             Renewed and              Re-energized       Relationships

    The 3 L's:                Lush Living              Lush Travel             Lush Adventure

As a young wife, with two little babies, my mother became chronically ill, right before divorcing my father, and as the oldest of 6, I stepped into serious caretaking mode.


I was barely 19!


The story actually gets much more dramatic and surreal before it gets better, but I'm not here to talk about me, my point is that I have first hand experience on how to not just survive but THRIVE through the endless hurdles that life can sling at us on a regular basis as we journey through life. With a husband in federal law enforcement, 3 sons and 5 siblings, a chronically ill mother, an absent father and 3 grandchildren you can bet I had my hands full!


After graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I authored my first book, "It's The Little Things: 99 Ways To Create Joy, Health & Happiness!"


This is where I share my many secrets on how to embrace the gifts in life, shift the mindset, make gradual and lasting lifestyle changes to improve life, appreciate and acknowledge the little things and practice mindfulness in your daily activities to enhance the life journey experience.


Formally trained in interior design, I bring creativity into my Lush Living coaching. I love all things lush and beautiful and making spaces not just fabulously functional but beautifully and lushly livable, as I believe our home is our sanctuary. 


As a natural coach, and with the skills I acquired not just from my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, but all my life experiences, I now combine my creative and intuitive abilities to help people re-discover themselves and to trust their innate knowingness.  


I help people to embrace their personal strengths, power and confidence so that the rest of their life will be the best of their life! 


 Two years ago, my joymate of 43 years and I sold our home, and gave away years of accumulated possessions to travel the world with only a few suitcases. These days we have a hub in Thailand and in the United States. Un-encumbered by "schtuff" we now live and love our fabulous lush life! 


I am the creator of the "Mastering the Art of Lush Living NOW" program, where I help people to declutter their lives, release what no longer serves them and create the awesome space to unleash their own fabulous lush life!


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