Mastering the Art of Lush Living NOW!      Lush 8 week program


I am the Lush living expert and the creator of the Mastering the Art of Lush Living Now Program, and it is an honor to share this wisdom and information with you today.


Have ever felt your life could be so much better if only:


I was Thinner

I was Healthier

I was Sexier

I earned more money

I had more energy

I had a better job

I lived somewhere else

I could travel more 

I had more confidence 

I knew what I wanted

I didn't have past traumas

I didn't have all this baggage 

I had the perfect relationship


And on. 


And on. 


I totally get it.


I have been there and burned the T shirt! 


I finally figured out what I needed to do to make those things happen for myself...


and now life is just awesome!


Today, I live a fabulous Lush Life that inspires many people and I get to pay that forward everyday by doing what I love to do – empowering women to release what no longer serves them and revel in their life with power, intention, self-love, freedom, courage, vitality and joy!


Below is a description of the deliverables of The Mastering the Art of Lush Living NOW program, that clarifies how to take charge of your life and help you to unlock and unleash the gems that are currently hidden from you in your current lifestyle experiences.


My Mastering the Art of Lush Living NOW program will add priceless value to your life in immeasurable ways.


I know, it sounds like a lot, but this is my passion and what I help my clients achieve every single day!

The Art of Lush Living Master Class Strategies for Unlimited Freedom, Lush Fulfillment and Fun. 

Finally, here’s a solution that allows you to take your life by the horns and steer it in the direction of your wildest dreams!


What are you waiting for?

Life is for THRIVING! 


No matter what your situation, no matter your life experiences, life can and should be grand!  To create the beautiful life you so richly deserve to live, with clear and contagious confidence, awesome vibrant health you have only to follow the steps in the the 8 week program.


With my help you will start creating a  strategy to unleash a fabulous Lush Life that most only dream about. 


In this program, you will:


Receive powerful and profound specialized coaching to help you release what no longer serves you that gets in the way of the lush fabulous life you are looking for. My coaching will create lasting life transforming breakthroughs that will have you reveling in your life in no time.


Receive holistic health coaching to boost your energy and improve your health and vitality so you can show up in your life with vim and vitality. It will transform you to look and feel more youthful and refreshed than you have in years!


Receive  holistic tips on how to defy the aging process and look much younger than you do! 


Get crystal clarity on how to evolve your new lush life long term.


Rediscover your deepest personal desires, gifts and talents and create a plan on how to unfold them so you can live them NOW! 


Join a private Face Book forum with a positive like-minded mastermind community and create bonds to continue in your new lush life.


Have accountability follow-up and a plan.


Receive mindset mastery tips and strategies that help bullet proof your success.


Participate in live group coaching with expert feedback and core training that accelerates your growth. 


Have access to digital recordings for convenient listening if you miss the live calls.


Create a customized step-by-step life plan tailored to your own lush living needs.



Bonus items:


Healing techniques that you can implement on yourself. 


Time Management guidance to help you create more free time and prioritize what is the most important to do first.


In addition to the added clarity and confidence, clients typically experience a ripple effect of greater happiness and better personal relationships. 


You have arrived at this point in your life , and you now have an opportunity to create a fabulous lush life any way you want.  


Are you tired of sacrificing and settling while the rest of your life continues to slip away from you.


Are you done struggling, do you want to be able to enjoy the the rest of your life?  


When you start following this program, you will experience an exponential, massive growth in all areas of your life.


You will attract what you want by who you are being! 


When you embrace a lush Lifestyle you will attract more of the same!


Aren’t you worth it? 


Of course you are! 


Be the change you want to see in the world, and I’ll be right there to hold your hand,


With love and appreciation for you,


Martie Pineda 

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