Success Stories

I am extremely grateful for the many years of being coached by this very talented, caring coach.  Martie is empathetic, discrete and very gracious. She is very strategic and asks relevant questions.  She has enabled me to "Think Bigger" and set specific goals to a clear vision of what I truly want for my life.


I have grown leaps and bounds by putting Coach Martie's ideas into action and removing the clutter from my life.  I feel much more confident and centered.  I cherish her extensive knowledge in nutrition and because of her, I now have so much more joy in cooking and eating clean!


Martie puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She cares a great deal for the quality of her work as it is shown by her constant, ongoing education.


Thank you Martie for guiding my mind to embrace a future that has no limitations to achieve the very best health, wealth, and spiritual strength possible!


Laura Elgin

Energy worker




Working with Martie and learning some of the healing techniques she teaches has truly been life changing for me.  I have tried many different types of therapies in the past that have not been very effective. However, this coaching technique has given me immediate results that, so far, have been consistently beneficial.  Martie is a kind hearted, sincere coach who truly gains joy from helping others - and it shows.  She created a very relaxing and welcoming environment for our sessions and always makes herself available for any additional questions along the way.  She is very knowledgable about what she does and has always been able to answer any questions I've had during this process.  I never feel rushed during our sessions.  She always takes her time with me and works with me on difficult issues until I feel better about them. 


After working with Martie I now feel like I am armed with the priceless skill of knowing how to alleviate any uncomfortable feelings and anxieties on my own.  It's very empowering. 


Because this has made such a positive impact on my life, I have been recommending Martie and her coaching technique to all of my friends.  Thank you for working with me Martie and thank you for your warm heart! 


Vera Worthington

New York, New York

Fashion Consultant & Entrepreneur

This testimonial is in regards to the PTSD coaching I received from Martie Pineda! I am absolutely blown away by the coaching technique Martie used and most importantly, I am amazed by the professionalism, and her response to all my inquires, and the kindness that I have experienced on a regular basis from my coach Martie Pineda!!!


I couldn't wish or imagine a better person to transform my life with!!!


Pavlina Gogueva

Washington DC

Educator, Coach, and Violin Maker

Martie Pineda is a Lush Living Genius!


Not only is the brand on point with her message, she and her amazing husband Jerry truly lead the lifestyle.


During a recent stay at Martie's home, my husband an I were treated to the best Lush Living meals ever! 


I'm a member of the "picky eater's club", so I seldom eat at someone's home.  However, Maratie prepared a dinner, desert and brunch, that not only could I eat, but that I absolutely loved! I am such a big fan of lush living eating (healthy is so over used and uninviting). I have been watching Martie post picture after picture of great looking foods, on Facebook,but I never expected a Lush Living lifestyle to be so good-and easy.  I look forward to purchasing the cook book! 


The Lush Living Movement has begun!


Odessa Hopkins, Owner of OH enterprises

Lifestyle strategist.Speaker.Trainer.Encourager



Dear Martie,

Thank you for helping me fine tune unique ways to manage my stress, increase my energy and acquire healthier habits. You have encouraged me to take bigger steps to safequard my health while providing great recipes and tips to help me manage my diabetes, asthma, thyroid disease and high stress and anxiety levels during every session. I’m looking forward to my doctor’s lab tests next month and to losing a prescription or two.

The recipe's you have taught me are not only healthy, but delicious!! You have truly inspired me in the kitchen in less than 90 days, and you have helped me take small steps to gain control of my health and make more “me” time!


I am delighted to live in a home with kangen water, organic fruit and fresh vegetables. The number of canned and processed foods has decreased 75% in our home. These small steps are increasing my energy, so I can tackle my to do lists and also helping me to make healthier changes.


The addition of fruit and veggie protein smoothies to my daily regimen has helped me get off the couch and start exercising again, a huge boon to my health. 


Your attention to detail, recaps of our sessions and encouragement are making a great difference in helping me improve the quality of my life. 


Relieving stress strategies is imperative to reaching my goals. You surprised me this week with a new meditation CD . Recently, you surprised me with a new meditation CD.  

Your intelligence, patience, sensitivity and holistic approach inspire me to have greater confidence while listening to my own body, starting to treasure it again and to sustain it with whole foods while following my heart. It has now been over a year and I can't imagine how my life would be with out you. You have inspired me in so many ways and encouraged me every step of the way. 


Thank you for your encouragement, your tremendous support and your professionalism.



Caroline S. Parker

Washington DC


When I am in my home, I experience freedom of movement, order and light. Martie brought her listening, ideas and energy and worked efficiently and made the whole experience fun.


Martie is a natural coach and hears beyond my words to make available what I aspire to have around me. She worked with my emotional preferences and suggested ways for me to document and organize possessions I value while reducing clutter.  


I am excited about what has been accomplished and will continue to work with Martie.


Camille Hall 

Retired Voice Teacher

Washington DC